Northampton Bridge Street School new special education model leaving students and faculty with injuries

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A new special education model at the Northampton Bridge Street School is allegedly leaving students and faculty with injuries.

According to the Gazette, these injuries are a result of integrating special education students into mainstream classrooms, that resulted in violent outburst.

As a result, the Northampton Association of School Employees, has filed a grievance with the School Committee on Monday. The grievance comes as several of their teachers have been injured in the classroom.

Attorney James Winston told 22News, normally grievances are not made public.

“Go through the school board, and then they would act appropriately,” said Winston. “Then the grievance would start at that point, instead of being leaked to the media.”

The way the school integrates special education students into mainstream classrooms was first implemented this year.  The transition to the “inclusion model” resulted in the elimination of 19 educational support positions, and the addition of five and half special education teachers and one general education teacher.

22News contacted the Superintendent John Provost and Mayor David Narkewicz; both were unavailable for comment.