Ice jams could cause flooding along rivers

Ice jams possible as warm temps, rain break up ice on rivers

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Ice jams could form and lead to river flooding Friday.

After the very cold weather we had last week, ice has formed on the Connecticut River. In many areas, the ice is completely covering it. With the heavy rain the ice may melt and break up. If it gets stuck, it can form an ice jam.

Flood Warning in effect for western Massachusetts

The ice jam acts as a dam and prevents the water from flowing downstream. Instead, it goes around the ice jam and causes flooding along the river

“My father told me back in 1936 when it jammed up in the corner up by the Ox Bow, they had to dynamite it,” Luke Brunelle, of Brunelle’s Marina, said. “That was a major problem.”

Back in February of 2016 chunks of ice on the Westfield River led to some minor flooding.

If you live near a river, and see the ice starting to collect and the water backing up, you should head to higher ground and report it to your local police department.