Doughnut shops in Massachusetts, Tennessee, make playoff bet

The losing shop's workers also have to wear the winning team's jerseys at work

Photo Courtesy: Kanes Donuts Facebook page

BOSTON (AP) — Gourmet doughnut shops in Massachusetts and Tennessee have placed a sweet wager on this weekend’s playoff game between the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans.

If the Patriots win, Five Daughters Bakery in Franklin, Tennessee, just south of Nashville, will send a dozen doughnuts to Kane’s Donuts in Saugus, Massachusetts, north of Boston.

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Should the Titans win, Kane’s will send a dozen treats south, but as Kane’s co-owner Maria Delios said in a video on the shop’s Facebook page, “We all know that’s not happening.”

The losing shop’s workers also have to wear the winning team’s jerseys at work.

Kane’s made similar bets with doughnut shops in Houston, Pittsburgh and Atlanta last year — and won them all as the Patriots won the Super Bowl.


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