Warmer weather could affect thickness of ice on local ponds/rivers

To find out if your local pond/river is safe you can call your local DPW

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Now that temperatures are warming up going out on the ice might not be safe. 22News was out at Heritage Park in East Longmeadow to find out if the ice is safe there.

Warmer weather was welcomed with open arms Wednesday after bitterly cold air swept through the valley for the last week and a half.

One positive to the colder air has been the increase in winter sport activity.

22News went to Heritage State Park in East Longmeadow to find many people out on the pond. One man was skating in the center where the ice is the thickest.

22News spoke with one man who was enjoying just being out on the ice. He told 22News he’s not nervous about the warmer air effecting the thickness of the ice. Andrew Rogalski, Massachusetts, told 22News, “Absolutely not its been safe for about 3 weeks now plenty of ice about 8-12 inches depending where you go.”

The warmer air has helped melt away a lot of the ice along the edges of the pond, making the ice look slushy in some spots.

For ice to be completely safe to go out on you need a stretch of cold days usually temperatures that are 32 degrees and below.

There are signs posted near the pond stating, “Skate At Your Own Risk, Ice May Not Be Safe.” If you are curious to see if your pond or lake near you is safe, you can call your local DPW.