Trump: “We need the wall”

(NBC News) President Trump sat down for his first cabinet meeting of 2018 Wednesday to discuss immigration.

The president angered some in his party after using a compromising tone Tuesday during the televised negotiations, agreeing with Democrats, and worked to clarify with his party today.

President Trump said plans to build the border wall are still included and also spoke on DACA.

“Any bill we pass must improve jobs wages and security for American citizens, the people who elected us, we have to take care of them,” said President Trump.

Later, at a news conference with Norway’s Prime Minister, President Trump sounded off once again on the Russia investigation, led by Special Council Robert Mueller.

“There is collusion, with the Democrats and Russians, far more than the Republicans and the Russians, so the witchhunt continues,” said President Trump.

The president now calling on Republicans to take control of the investigation.

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