Holyoke residents still struggling with snow covered streets

The parking ban was still in effect in Holyoke Wednesday night

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Holyoke residents are complaining about the cleanup from last week’s snowstorm.

The parking ban was still in effect in Holyoke Wednesday night, but residents and police said people are ignoring the ban.

Almost one week after a snowstorm dumped up to a foot of snow on the Pioneer Valley, Holyoke residents say they’re still struggling with snow covered streets.

Parking Bans

Joseph Page of Holyoke has lived on Willow Street for more than sixty years, and the snow has always posed a parking problem.

“It’s always been, I’ve seen it where I don’t think a firetruck could get down the street,” Page told 22News. “There’s always people that don’t listen to the snow ban, they don’t pay attention to it, and then you end up with the narrow street, especially when you get a lot of snow like this.”

Under Holyoke’s “reverse” parking ban, cars are only supposed to park on the even side of the street.

Holyoke police said people have been ignoring ban, with cars parking on both sides, making for narrow streets.

Police said this makes it harder for plows to clear the snow, and also makes it difficult for firetrucks and ambulances to get through.

“I have a couple neighbors who just leave their cars and let the police or whatever honk their horns,” Lauretta Gregoire of Holyoke told 22News. “Not only is it dangerous, but it makes it hard for the workers to get their job done. I think if everybody was a little more cooperative, it would have been better.”

According to the Holyoke City Hall Facebook page, police have been ticketing and towing cars ignoring the ban.

Residents can post complaints or ask the city to address plowing and shoveling issues on the city’s SeeClickFix page.