Crews cleaning up flooding at TD Bank and autobody repair shop in Greenfield

Restoration crews spent all day Wednesday drying out all the water

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Two pipes burst in Greenfield Tuesday night, hours apart.

The TD Bank on Main Street sustained significant damage after water flooded the building’s first and second floors.
Several fire departments helped Greenfield firefighters clear out all the water.

“An interior pipe on one of the exterior walls froze solid and when it let go it delivered a tremendous amount of the water very quickly into the building,” said Greenfield Fire Chief Robert Strahan.

The flooding inside the building was significant. Restoration crews spent all day Wednesday drying out all the water. TD Bank shares the building with GCET, Greenfield’s Public Wifi Service. They’ve moved operations down the street. The building has no electricity and there’s no telling when power will be restored.

“The electrical components were compromised in the basement and the electricity had to be shut off in the street so that’s the biggest issue the building has right now,” said Chief Strahan.
A frozen pipe also burst at Bob Cartelli’s Autobody shop on Hope street, filling the basement with water.

“Unfortunately this time of year you have to keep those confined spaces warm and if you don’t you’ll end up with this type of problem,” said Don Ouellete, Greenfield DPW Director.

Ouellete reminded 22News that pipes need to be insulated or they’ll freeze.

Chief Strahan said several Greenfield businesses have flooded in the past month. There’s still no word to when the TD Bank will reopen.