Clogged drainage system created icy conditions on Rt. 20 in Palmer

Viewer photo via Report It

PALMER, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News viewers sent in photos of sheets of ice they said blocked entrances to several businesses on Route 20 in Palmer.When we went to check it out, a MassDOT crew was there breaking through the ice.

MassDOT employees worked throughout the day to unclog the drainage system.

Viewer photo via ReportIt

The business owners along a stretch of Park Street complained the ice was making them inaccessible and was driving customers away.

“There is something that’s going on that started in September,” Elaine Boone, president of PTS Supply, said. “We had some blockage going on underneath this road right here. We had this instance where the road was completely flooded, and that’s what closed the road for half a day.”

Their biggest concern was to unclog the drain before the heavy rain expected later this week, they fear would only add to the already thickening ice.