Ohio man found frozen to death on his porch

AKRON, OH (CNN) – The bitter blast turns deadly. A 64-year-old man was found frozen to death on the porch of a home. It’s a tragic reminder to all of us to check on our neighbors in very cold temperatures.

“I walked in on one of my clients and he is laying on the ground in the cold on his front porch and I don’t know if he’s breathing or not.”

It was a horribly sad situation for a Mobile Meals driver, a routine food delivery turned tragic when she found the frozen body of one of her clients, Darnel Wilson on the porch next to a wheelchair.

His death: ruled hypothermia and accidental. The porch was missing part of a door and a window. It’s not clear if he fell, or how long Wilson was exposed to Tuesday’s bitter cold.

“She said that the cane that he usually used was not in the front porch. It was off to the left on the ground.” Elaina Seyerle/ Mobile Meals

Wilson leaves behind three children and six grandchildren. Family describes the 64-year-old as “loving and outgoing.”

He had a stroke a few years back and sometimes used that wheelchair.

“The Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office along with Adult Protective Services says this tragic case of hypothermia should serve as a reminder to all of us to check on our neighbors in these frigid temperatures.” Frances Ladd/ Summit Co. Job & Family Services

“Check people. Go and see if your next door neighbor is okay. You can always call 911 and the police will do a welfare check.” Frances Ladd/ Summit Co. Job & Family Services

Relatives say Wilson lived at the East Akron home with a family friend, but that friend wasn’t home when the grandfather was exposed to the frigid temps.