Franklin County still cleaning up from major snowstorm

The storm dumped 10 inches of snow on Hawley, Shelburne, and Sunderland

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Franklin County needed two days to clean up from Thursday’s snowstorm. Students are enjoying a four-day weekend.

Snowblowing, shoveling, and plowing all had to be done across the county Friday, the day after being hit by a day-long storm that dumped nearly a foot of snow in some areas.

Doug Hoyt of West Hawley told 22News, “We’re still digging out here. I have to go from here – I went from East Hawley – I have to go to Route 2 in Hawley and shovel up there. I’m pretty much all over the place.”

Franklin County residents spent Thursday night and Friday shoveling and snowblowing their way out of snow from Thursday.

The snow forced all school districts in Franklin County to close for the second day in a row, including the Four Rivers Charter School.

Jayden Skelley, who attend the Four Rivers Charter School, spent the day off on the slopes at Berkshire East in Charlemont. He said, “We just came out of break so I’m not really needing the extra break, but I’m here now because of the new storm that appeared, and I want to check out what Berkshire East has to offer.”

The winds were gusting Friday, and are expected to remain strong through the weekend, with below-zero temperatures in the forecast. Some people deal with the cold better than others.

Vicki Palmer of Greenfield said, “There’s no doubt it was freezing, but I love winter and I love the snow, and I can’t wait to go skiing.”

The storm dumped 10 inches of snow on Hawley, Shelburne, and Sunderland.