Northampton businesses remain open despite snowstorm

This community grocery store, sells everything from wine to cheese

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The first major snowfall of 2018 brought as much as eight inches of snow to parts of western Massachusetts, forcing some businesses to close early or not open at all.

State Street Fruit Store was one of those businesses brave enough to open. Owner Richard Cooper said, on a day like this, they have a lot of emergency personnel depending on them.

Winter Storm Warning in effect all day in western Massachusetts

“We don’t want our second shift staff to have to drive thru this weather,” Cooper said. “It’s really getting treacherous out there and people are really surprised that we’re open, so I think that we’re getting them through lunch and then we can be safe.”

State Street Fruit Store normally serves about 550 people by lunch time. They were still busy during their half-day, serving around 400 people.

Parking bans in effect in western Massachusetts due to snow

Snow packed roads, low visibility, and employee safety forced stores like, Thornes Market place and State Street Fruit Store to close early.

Cutting their hours in half, the store closed 8 hours early, so employees won’t risk becoming stranded.