Light & fluffy: How temperature affects weight of snow

The colder it is, the more snow you get. 

(WWLP) – Snow has begun falling in western Massachusetts, and will continue falling through Thursday evening.The type of snow is very important when it comes to digging out. The wetter the snow, the heavier the snow. The drier the snow, the lighter and fluffier it is, which makes it easier to shovel.

Thursday’s snow will be the light and fluffy kind.

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Temperature has the biggest impact on the type of snow we see. When temperatures are close to 30 degrees, then about 1 inch of liquid can bring about 10 inches of snow. So, you multiply the liquid amount by 10 to get the snowfall amount. When temperatures are colder, however, you can get deeper snow out of the same amount of liquid.

When temperatures are close to 25 degrees, that same 1 inch of liquid can equal close to 15 inches of snow. The colder it is, the more snow you get.

This is also something we consider when we make our snowfall forecasts. We don’t just look at where will get the most precipitation, we have to figure out how cold it will be when the snow is falling to determine how much snow we can get from it.