If you didn’t move your car yet, it’s probably towed

One resident got a $50 ticket for not moving his car

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Parking bans are in effect across western Massachusetts and that means there’s a chance you could be towed if you’re parked illegally.

When the Springfield parking ban is in effect, police cars prowl the neighborhood writing tickets for cars violating the parking ban. No parking on the odd side of the street by day, no parking on the even side at night.

Parking bans in effect in western Massachusetts due to snow

The police are quickly followed by the tow trucks removing the ticketed cars. Springfield’s Department of Public Works director Chris Cignoli told 22News, the system works well.

“We have a number of police officers, I think it’s like six to eight of them,” Cignoli said. “We have eight to ten flatbed trucks out here going through the areas where it’s difficult to get to the places in the road narrow streets.”

A driver who found a parking ticket on his car minutes after the police cruiser moved on told 22News, he understands he’ll have to pay the $50 ticket.

But he feels fortunate to get behind the wheel and drive off before his car was towed away.

As you can see many other drivers weren’t quite as lucky to get to their ticketed cars before the tow trucks arrived.