Holyoke residents get early warning to take cars off the street

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – An early warning system helped some Holyoke drivers from having their cars towed during the brutal snowstorm.

In advance of the car towing crew and the snow plows, police officers alert neighborhood residents to move their cars, but despite the early warning system many cars had to be towed.

Parking bans in effect in western Massachusetts due to snow

“Oh absolutely, our whole fleet’s out,” said Holyoke resident Mark. “We’ve been towing cars left and right. It’s all hands on deck until the storm ends. We’re doing our best to clear the roads for the city and try to stay warm at the same time.”

Many Holyoke drivers have become accustomed to moving their cars at the sounding of the cruiser warning alarm, before the tow trucks come calling.