Painted lane-shift lines faded on I-91

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The reconstruction of I-91 in downtown Springfield may be ahead of schedule but there’s one issue that is causing some concern for drivers.

Viewers reported that some of the road markings and painted lines are missing in areas where lanes shift, making it dangerous for drivers.

MassDOT spokesman Patrick Marvin told 22News these markings can occasionally be worn by weather and vehicles, and that MassDOT is evaluating options for fixing the problem.

Patricia Chrispina of Suffield told 22News,”I”d like to see an extra lane and have the lines going through clearly without having to stop and go, stop and go. I think the less congestion, the better for everybody.”

MassDOT says you’ll have “full beneficial use” of the raised portion of I-91 in both directions by spring.