Safety concerns for leaders hosting New Year’s celebrations

It's a concern many countries around the world feel as they celebrate

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Safety is a top concern for municipal leaders when hosting New Year’s celebrations.

Where there are large crowds like the ones that come together on New Year’s Eve, there is also a threat of terrorism.

“I mean I’m concerned but I feel like Northampton’s police department does a really good job of keeping everyone safe so I feel safe tonight” said, Jordan Felion.

It’s a concern many countries around the world feel as they celebrate, but people told 22News that won’t stop them from ringing in the New Year at First night in Northampton.

In light of recent attacks, cities around the world are preparing to have extra security at new years eve celebrations including right here at first night in Northampton.

Melissa Gerber of Hadley told 22News, “I think it’s a really good community that we have and I feel very comfortable being out here tonight.”

While concerns for a terrorist attack are low, Northampton police captain John Carteledge told 22News they will have additional officers assigned to cover the first night event and fireworks tonight to make sure everyone is safe.

At parties around the world security is tight, in Paris a terrorism threat is high according to their police chief. To get anywhere near the celebrations, police will body search you. New York City, London, Berlin, Rome, and Rio are also sending in extra security.

At Boston’s First Night celebration, “We’ll have plenty of assets out there, both the uniformed, and undercover, police will be in the crowds or on rooftops, and will use city vehicles to block the roads around Copley Square, but right now there is no threat,” said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans.