Dangers of drinking in extreme cold New Year’s Eve

If you'll be drinking outside, have a friend who isn't drinking keep an eye on you

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The countdown to New Year’s Eve has officially begun. With these extreme temperatures, it’s important to remember the effects of alcohol can make your body more vulnerable in the cold.

Drinking alcohol in low temperatures can make your body feel much warmer than it is, which has led to hypothermia in many cases.

Alcohol dilates blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the limbs. Greater blood flow to the limbs causes a sensation of warmth, which leads to heat loss and results in lower core body temperatures.

The American Heart Association says drinking in frigid conditions might cause you to underestimate extra strain cold weather places on the body. Those with heart conditions should be especially cautious.

Drinking alcohol also impact the body’s ability to shiver, which is one way the body combats exposure to the cold.

If you’re going out New Year’s Eve, wear warm layers and considering bringing body warmers. If you’ll be drinking outside, medical experts recommend having a friend who isn’t drinking keep an eye on you.

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