Shark bite victim returns to beach

(WPTV) A 4-year-old girl in Florida returned to the beach after being bitten by a shark earlier this year.

Violet Jalil was bitten by a shark at Bathtub Beach in Martin County less than four months ago.

Since Bathtub Beach is temporarily closed, her family and a photographer visited the neighboring beach, only a couple hundred feet away, to document the milestone in Violet’s recovery.

Late August, Violet was bitten by a shark while swimming in shallow water. Her leg was shredded, and Violet went through months of recovery.

But it did not take much to get Violet to go to the beach, excited to play in the sand, look for sea shells, and of course, “Mermaids!” Violet said.

“I don’t want her to fear things, I think it’s good for her,” said Violet’s mother, Jessica Veatch.

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