Holyoke Saint Patrick’s Parade Committee honors long-time member

The 2018 Holyoke Saint Patrick's Parade steps off March 18th

HOLYOKE, Mass.—The Holyoke Saint Patrick’s Parade Committee named their 2018 George E. O’Connell Award recipient Wednesday. The honor goes to Bill Quesnal year.

The O’connell award goes to parade committee members who’ve made significant contributions to parade fundraising efforts.

Quesnal told 22News why he first joined the parade committee 12 years ago.

“I joined it to give back to the community, I started with the floats, over time I ended up taking over a couple other roles,” Quesnel said. “But to me it is important to give back to the community. It’s my token back.”

Bill has been apart of the parade committee since 2005.

The 2018 Holyoke Saint Patrick’s Parade steps off March 18th, the day after Saint Patrick’s Day.