Local ponds covered with ice are still unsafe to go out on

To see if your pond is unsafe you can call your local DPW

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – For those of us thinking this is the time to ice skate on western Massachusetts ponds, you might want to rethink that idea. 22News is working for you with why you should avoid ponds and rivers. They are still unsafe for ice skating.

After bitter cold temperatures in the 20s these past few days, some might think ice on rivers and ponds is thick enough to venture out on.

22News headed to Heritage Park in East Longmeadow to find some people have already tried to test the ice.

The East Longmeadow Fire Department has a message for those thinking they want to head out on the ice anytime soon. East Longmeadow Fire Department Captain Christopher Beecher, told 22News, “Mind the signs, if the signs says keep off the ice, listen to them. Its not safe to go out on, if there are no signs posted you can always call your local DPW and ask if its safe to go out on the ice.”

Not only will you find signs that read “unsafe ice” at Heritage Park in East Longmeadow but there are ways you can tell the ice is unsafe.

Look for slush which shows that ice is no longer frozen. Also look out for snow covered ice, snow can hide weak ice.

For ice to be safe enough to go out on, western Massachusetts needs a stretch of cold days to thicken up the ice, not just a couple days.

When the ice is safe enough to go out on, never go out alone and keep pets on a leash in case they want to go out on the ice too.

Ice has to be a minimum of four inches thick for an adult to go out on the ice.