Regulations about where people can smoke marijuana still undecided

Currently, you can't legally smoke marijuana in public

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BOSTON (WWLP) – Under the state’s marijuana law, you cannot smoke pot in public, but it’s still unclear as to where you can smoke.

Voters made Recreational marijuana legal in Massachusetts on the 2016 ballot. But the Cannabis Commission is putting off writing smoking regulations until next year.

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Currently, you can’t legally smoke marijuana in public. And you could possibly be prohibited from smoking in your home.

“Landlords can prohibit smoking explicitly in the lease agreement and there is no public consumption,” Cannabis Society of Massachusetts Co-Founder Jeremiah MacKinnon explained. “So that creates a dilemma where consumers basically do not have anywhere to consume marijuana products.”

On Thursday, the commission approved a measure that permits edible consumption, but not smoking, in social use establishments.

Cannabis Society of Massachusetts Co-Founder Jeremiah MacKinnon thinks the commission should use the “tobacco bar” model for marijuana establishments, using similar ventilation and employee protection standards.

The commission plans to create a working group to recommend regulations for smoking in designated public places.