Keeping your purchases safe while shopping this holiday season

22News is working for you to make sure your hard earned money doesn't go to waste

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Christmas is 10 days away and people are wrapping up their last minute holiday shopping, and you want to make sure take your purchases home with you.

Over a billion dollars in personal items are stolen from vehicles every year. 22News is working for you to make sure your hard earned money doesn’t go to waste.

The holiday season is upon us and so are thieves, looking to steal your gifts right out of your car.

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“I just put stuff under the seat,” said Jayne Fritz of Leydon. “I usually cover things up, if I know she wont lock the car.”

The “Lucky Bird Thrift” store in downtown Greenfield told 22News they don’t mind if their customers leave their items here, while they continue to shop.

“I do. Yeah for some people they’re too big or they just have other shopping to do,” said Kelly Archer, owner of the thrift store. “They ask if I can keep it behind the counter. I just hold it, as long as they come back.”

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The last thing you want is for someone to steal your holiday gifts. 22News is working for you with a  “common sense” guide to protecting your gifts, while you shop.

“Get them out of sight,” Rich Clairwood of Norwich, CT, told 22News. “Put them in the trunk or cover them if you have them in the backseat, but the best thing is, once you’re done shopping, get home!”

If you’re unable to bring them home, put your shopping bags in your trunk and out of sight. Park your car as close to the store entrance as possible.

And always park in a well-lit area.

As you know, you can always ask a store to hold your bags, while you shop. Just remember to pick them up.