Airports expecting over 40 million people during holiday travel season

Travelers said lines moved fast on Friday

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – The busy Christmas travel season started on Friday at airports across the country.

The Transportation Security Administration expects to screen more than 40 million passengers and crew members during this holiday period.

But you can make their job easier, and your trip through the terminal, faster.

TSA Precheck can help you avoid those long holiday lines in the airport

With ten days left until Christmas, Friday marked the start of one of the TSA’s busiest travel seasons, spanning from December 15 until January 2.

December 21 and 22 are expected to be the busiest days, with more than 4 million people passing through TSA security.

Travelers said lines moved fast on Friday, but they expect things to get busier the closer we get to Christmas.

“The lines went very quickly in detroit, and there’s relatively no one here at Bradley airport, so I was surprised,” said Lauren Smith. “A lot of people don’t travel as frequently as I do, so they’re not going to know the procedures, so it is going to back up.”

TSA is gearing up for a busy holiday season at U.S. airports

The TSA plans to speed things up by adding as many as 1,400 additional officers working at some of the nation’s busiest airports during the holiday season.

The agency said you can save time at security by waiting to wrap your gifts until your reach your destination. Officers may have to unwrap gifts that require closer inspection.

“I saw that people were coming, they wrapped their stuff,” said Murat Yazici of Hartford. “One of the gifts was very big and they want that person to open up the gift. I believe that they scanned it first and they saw something inside that might not be okay with the flight. That was a big issue for them, I felt bad because they were pretty upset.”

TSA recommends arriving two hours before domestic flights and three hours before international flights this holiday season.