Keep your pets safe this holiday season

Desserts, trees, and tinsel, oh my! There are lots of things around the house during the holidays that pets aren’t used to. Executive Director of Dakin Humane Society Carmine DiCenso shared tips to make sure our furry friends stay safe through all the end of the year festivities.

Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

It’s called the “most wonderful time of the year,” and it’s usually the busiest for a lot of people. There will be shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts and hosting gatherings in the weeks ahead, and for anyone with pets, here are some helpful tips to keep them safe in the midst of our merry-making!

Putting up a Christmas tree
Anchor it securely so cats can’t tip it over
Keep pets away from the tree water at the basin (if it’s a live tree) due to bacteria/stagnation
Hang more fragile ornaments up higher, non-breakables near the bottom
Skip the tinsel, it can block intestines if cats ingest it

Seasonal plants
Mistletoe, poinsettia and holly are dangerous to pets if they take a nibble
Artificial plants can give your home a nice holiday touch

Holiday gatherings
If you’re the host, be sure to ask guests not to treat your pets to food from the buffet table. Fatty, spicy food can give them indigestion, or worse
Bones shouldn’t be offered as they can splinter and cause choking and other problems
Keep an eye on unattended plates of food and secure garbage cans
Have pet-safe treats handy for them to enjoy while you’re entertaining, especially one that’ll keep them pre-occupied for a long time. For dogs, you can pack a Kong with treats. To divert your cat’s attention, give her a new stuffed catnip toy
Keep your pet in a separate, quiet room during house parties to prevent them from slipping out an unwatched door, and to serve as a quiet retreat from the hubbub

When wrapping gifts, be careful not to leave ribbon or strings around where cats can grab or eat them
Keep an eye on open flames on cameras or menorahs. Pets can suffer burns or cause a home fire if they knock over unattended, lit objects. Keep candles on steady surfaces out of your pet’s reach
Electronic gifts/toys are a big part of holiday gift-giving, so if you have a pet who likes to gnaw on wires, be careful to keep them separated.