Ice castle rises in Colorado

(KUSA) An ice castle so big that you can walk through it is coming to life in Colorado.

Crews took over a baseball field in Dillon, and one-acre of land has turned white and blue.

It will eventually be complete with a frozen maze, ice throne and fifty-foot slide.

Whether through a help wanted sign at the library or job postings online, the build crew found themselves themselves in Dillon becoming ice castle experts.

One of those tasks is making their own icicles and on Wednesday, crews were placing them on top of ice towers, which are connected to water pipes. Overnight, those pipes blow out water that then freezes onto the icicles and continues to build the castle.

The towers could eventually reach 50 feet high.

“I really like being able to create something extraordinarily beautiful that thousands get to enjoy,” said the site manager Dan Beck.

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