The decision behind canceling school

Franklin County took a snow day Tuesday

GREENFIELD, Mass.(WWLP) – Many Franklin County schools took a snow day Tuesday. 22News is working for you with what goes into the decision to call school off for the day.

As you can imagine its a complicated process and it’s decided by more than just one person looking at the forecast.

School cancellations aren’t decided necessarily decided on the day of a snow event. Those decisions are the result of discussion involving superintendents and DPW workers days in advance.

If the snow is supposed to arrive in the morning, superintendents go over weather forecasts and road condition assessments.

Franklin County superintendents keep in touch with each other because they are all in different locations which means different elevations and different weather conditions Snow, sleet, freezing rain, and even dangerous wind chills are all reasons to cancel school.

Greenfield Public Schools superintendent Jordana Harper told 22News a safe commute is a major factor in deciding whether to cancel school. Harper told 22News, “If there is a chance for either sleet and freezing rain making those commutes hard for our students we really air on the side of safety we also have a large group of students that commute into Greenfield those parents and students are commuting we think about them and we think about our young drivers.”

The morning commute and the evening commute are the most important times of when superintendents make their decisions on either canceling school or delaying it.