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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Long before Thurgood Marshall became a U.S. Supreme Court justice, he was a top defense lawyer for the NAACP.

Chadwick Boseman brilliantly brings to life the exploits of the young Marshall, in this stirring courtroom drama set in the 1940s. Marshall traveled the country, facing racism everywhere, defending his clients against impossible odds.

Boseman carries himself with a confidence borne of his legal genius as he tackles what’s to become his most challenging case: A black man accused of raping his employer, a prominent Connecticut socialite.

This barnstorming advocate has his work cut out coping with James Cromwell, who could well have been New England’s most biased judge. “Marshall” is too sharp a courtroom drama not to shake up our perceptions with a few surprises, keeping us on our toes.

Is there any truth in Kate Hudson’s accusations that her chauffeur is a sexual predator? Marshall’s not surprised to find Connecticut rednecks as filled with hate as they are in the deep south.

“Marshall” respects your intelligence at every turn. It’s an intriguing study of a man who knew early on that he was laying the groundwork for the civil rights achievements that would come later.

“Marshall” makes quite a case to win itself a verdict of 4 stars…

Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad, Kate Hudson, Dan Stevens, James Cromwell

Rated R

2 hours