East Longmeadow safety committee holds forum to raise substance abuse awareness

The East Longmeadow Youth Safety Committee hosted the event

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The East Longmeadow Youth Safety Committee held a meeting with local law enforcement and healthcare professionals Thursday evening.

Dozens of parent and students attended the question and answer session with police officers, physicians and members of the District Attorney’s office to ask questions about drugs, drinking, and other issues impacting young people and families in the community.

“We discussed different things tonight such as risk factors and protective factors, as well as education and how do you talk to your children,” Diana Bannon told 22News. “Often times it’s difficult to have those conversations, but I think the earlier you do it the better it is.”

The committee said they host these types of events several times a school year, and parents become more comfortable asking important questions.