Text messaging technology turns 25 years old

Six billion SMS text messages are sent in the United States each day

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – It was December 3, 1992 when engineer Neil Papworth sent the very first text message. It read “Merry Christmas.”

Six billion SMS text messages are sent in the United States each day, more than 2.2. trillion are sent each year. Once considered rude, now it’s normal.

It changed technology and society, and laws have had to change too.

Texting while driving is dangerous and illegal even at a red light

The question is now how long will text messages survive before the next communication revolution.

Texting now has competition from SnapChat and WhatsApp.

“It made it very easy for anyone to send 140 characters just about anywhere in the world,” Tony Russell-Smith of YES Computers explained. “Basically, it is one of the most lower effort ways of communicating that has every been invested. Back in the olden days you had to tap out things on as telegraph to send things long distances.”

While texting has modernized communication, it’s also made us more anxious because of it’s immediacy and fear of rejection. It’s worth noting that the first text message was sent using a computer.

It took another year to develop the instant communication technology for cell phones.