Westfield auto shop discontinuing Christmas decorations following vandalism

The Cloutiers filed a report with Westfield Police

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Vandals destroyed an annual holiday display in Westfield over Thanksgiving.

Cloots Auto Body decorates for every major holiday, but this year, someone destroyed  hundreds of dollars worth of decorations.

Gary Cloutier and his wife have been creating inflatable holiday displays at their Westfield auto body shop for years. But this past Thanksgiving weekend,  they discovered hundreds of dollars worth of decorations had been destroyed.

“I looked down and like, there was a gash about that big, someone took a razor and just…” said Cloutier, owner of Cloots Auto Body. “So now I starting looking at the other ones, I call my wife over. They’re all destroyed. Every single one.”

Cloutier said his surveillance camera caught the vandals on video two nights in a row, but the images can be hard to make out.

He said the decoration damage totaled around $600, and this isn’t the first time.

“After a while it just get’s to be ridiculous, it get’s to be cost prohibitive for you to even do it, but we get other people that are like please don’t stop doing it, our kids love it,” Cloutier said. “So you’re torn between do I just stop altogether, cause my wife, she was crying. She was like I don’t even want to do this anymore.”

The Cloutiers filed a report with Westfield Police, but with plans to travel for Christmas, they’ve decided against decorating this season.

“We’re not gonna do Christmas unfortunately,” Cloutier told 22News. “For us to get a telephone call while we’re down there, or to worry about it the whole time, it’s just not worth it. I’d just like to catch somebody doing it.”

Cloutier added that he shared the video files with Westfield Police, and he also purchased new, higher resolution video cameras for the shop over the weekend.