Grocery stores busy ahead of Thanksgiving Thursday

This week marks the beginning of Big Y's busiest time of the year

SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWP) – Grocery stores are cashing in on the Thanksgiving holiday.

Big Y in Southampton had a large number of thanksgiving shoppers Wednesday getting their turkeys and all of the fixings.

“A lot of quick pickups and single item purchases, smaller purchases, maybe not everybody doing their full shop today, but definitely full of frantic shopping people,” said Mark Dintzer, Store Director of the Big Y in Southampton.

“We came here for sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, the fixings, the roasted vegetables, brussel sprouts, ice cream pie, chocolate cream pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie,” said Becky Martin of Easthampton.

Of course what’s Thanksgiving without the turkey. You can buy them fresh or frozen at grocery stores. The sizes at Big Y range from 10 to 26 pounds. Big Y sells more turkeys this week than any other item in the store.

“We have to be very prepared,” said Nate Truncellito, Meat & Sales Manager for the Big Y in Southampton. “We have special order forms, we ask if they want fresh or frozen, what size.”

Dintzner told 22News they typically sell more fresh turkeys than frozen, and expect to have most of them sold by the end of the night.

Dintzner said this week marks the beginning of their busiest time of the year, with Christmas about a month away. They’re already selling a lot of Christmas-themed items, like candy and advent calendars.