Westfield State to install security cameras on campus amid racial incidents

The move follows several racist incidents reported on campus

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Westfield State University is instituting sweeping security changes after recent allegations of racial and anti-semitic incidents on campus.

The most recent incident occured Thursday according to a letter from the university’s president. He said a threatening note was slipped under a student’s door, and anti-semitic symbols were also found in the same residence hall.

Racist messages written on student’s door at Westfield State

There have been reports of racial remarks in notes at different dorms on campus. One student told 22News the school’s getting a bad reputation.

“Because of what’s happening now, people aren’t coming for Westfield State anymore,” said Faith Fluitt, a junior at the university. “I’ve been watching on Facebook that people are talking about Westfield State and it not being a good school anymore.”

After the most recent incident at Scanlon Hall, University President Ramon Torrecilha announced “around the clock security would begin at the residence hall, on top of already increased patrols. The University is also considering installing more cameras across campus.

“Walk Out Against Hate” event held at Westfield State University

Scanlon Hall residents said they’ve already seen significant changes to security inside of the dorm.

“We like the idea of security, because there’s always someone there seeing everything, but you know, some of us feel like cameras is a little much just in terms of privacy and stuff,” said Rob Geromini, a freshman at Westfield State University. “There’s like a table setup at the front, people who check your ID and ask for your room key when you enter and leave the building, and there’s people walking around the halls at all times now so they’re definitely making changes.”

The university is now offering a $5000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for “any of the acts of hate,” since September 17.

Westfield State students uncomfortable after racist comments left on door