Union Street on-ramp to I-91 north now open for first time since December 2015

The I-91 reconstruction project in Springfield continues to proceed well ahead of schedule

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- It’s been almost two years since you’ve been able to take the I-91 on-ramp from the Union Street & East Columbus Avenue intersection to get onto I-91 north. Friday morning this on-ramp was expected to reopen at 5AM as the I-91 reconstruction project in Springfield continues to proceed well ahead of schedule. At 6:30AM Friday the on-ramp finally opened.

MassDOT sent the statement below to 22News regarding scheduled openings:

The times of openings are approximate as crews and contractors must coordinate throughout the project area and follow safety procedures and take several steps to open a ramp including coordinating with law enforcement, removing barriers, signage and necessary traffic logistics.
Please also note that crews and contractors open a ramp or bridge as soon as traffic, safety, weather, and construction conditions allow and will neither hold an opening nor prematurely open a ramp or bridge to meet the estimated time of opening.

This on-ramp opening is perhaps most important for those of you who would normally enter I-91 northbound near Exit 3 from either the South End Bridge or Longhill Street. The Exit 3 on-ramp to I-91 north closed at the end of October and is scheduled to stay closed through the end of November, so the Union Street on-ramp would be your next best option for joining I-91 north.

More ramp and lane openings are expected this weekend:

Saturday at 5AM the Exit 7 off-ramp from I-91 South will reopen. This off-ramp takes you down to Hall of Fame Avenue and Downtown Springfield.
Saturday at 5AM the West Columbus Avenue on-ramp to I-91 South will reopen. This is the on ramp that you can get to via Birnie Avenue or Route 20.
Saturday at 5AM a second lane on I-91 South will reopen.