Delays expected during holiday travel as airports tighten security

These regulations don't apply to people with TSA pre-check

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – Tighter screening regulations could cause unexpected delays at the airport during your holiday travel.

Nothing has changed regarding what you can bring through the security checkpoint, but you may have to remove more items from your carry-on bags when you’re screened.

TSA Precheck can help you avoid those long holiday lines in the airport

Transportation Security Administration said electronics larger than a cell phone will have to be removed from your bag prior to screening.

One Springfield resident told 22News even though it may take longer to go through security, safety is what’s most important.

“I mean just get here a little bit earlier, like I said anything that’s going to make us safer and our trip more enjoyable and have no worries,” said Maribel Otero.

These regulations don’t apply to people with TSA pre-check, which allows travelers to skip the long lines.

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