TSA Precheck can help you avoid those long holiday lines in the airport

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – Millions of people will be traveling for the holidays.

It’s called “TSA Precheck” and it could be well worth the money you’ll pay to enroll.

28.5 million passengers will fly to their Thanksgiving holiday destinations. With so many people, traveling can be stressful.

Eugene Meacham of Essex, Connecticut told 22News, “Because it’s a pain in the neck to go thru the line.”

TSA Precheck makes the air terminal less stressful. For $85 dollars, you can skip the lines for 5 years.

“So you don’t have to take off your shoes or laptops from their bags and also some things like your jackets during the check, so I think it’s just okay,” said Mime Untalen of Pittsfield.

TSA is gearing up for a busy holiday season at U.S. airports

More than 5-million people are taking advantage of the pre-check program.

When you sign up for precheck, you have to undergo a background check. That information is then verified against a criminal and terrorists database, like a no-fly list. You are then interviewed by a TSA agent, finger printed, and they photograph your ID.

If they find any negative information or discrepancies, your application will be denied. The whole process takes minutes.

“The computers have my name and where I live and my prior travel experiences, and they kind of know who I am,” said Meacham.

Children and passengers over 75 receive faster check-ins, so TSA can focus on other passengers.

It takes a week to 30 days to be approved for TSA Precheck.