Truck thief leaves behind bizarre loot

(KFOR/NBC News) The owners of a stolen truck recovered after a three-hour police chase say a bizarre collection of items was left inside by the alleged thief.

The truck was stolen from Shane and Stephanie Jones’ Bridge Creek, Oklahoma driveway on November 3rd.

However, Shane says when he was coming back from a doctor’s appointment on November 10th, he noticed the truck on the highway.

“I was coming down 44 and I seen a black truck coming to me heading east and I thought it looked like my truck and yep, I got a little closer. It was my truck. So I immediately pulled a U-turn, got behind him, he seen me, he knew. He just kinda sunk down in his seat and pulled his hat down and that’s where it all started,” Shane said.

Shane then called police.

The driver, 25-year-old Brenton Hager, then led police on a three-hour chase.

It finally came to an end when Hager crashed the truck into a farm pond.

When the couple got their first look inside the recovered, and now trashed, truck they were shocked by what they found.

“Credit card information, banking statements that wasn’t his, car stereo…” said Shane.

A ski mask, padlocks, fishing line, wiring ripped from the truck itself, even syringes, were all found inside.

“He was livin’ out of my truck,” Shane said.

Hundreds and hundreds of ‘Magic the Gathering’ cards were also found in the truck.

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