The President appeals for tax reform

(NBC News) – President Trump heads to Capitol Hill today to make a personal appeal for tax reform hours before a critical vote.

Pressure from the public and the president.

He’s taking on tax reform skeptics face-to-face this morning.

Overnight Mr. Trump accused democrats of “obstruction and delay.”

“This is such a scam!” declared Senator Claire McCaskill, (D) Missouri.

“It’s immoral, it’s immoral!” said Democratic Representative Dan Kildee Michigan.

“This bill stinks and I won’t vote for it,” said Rep. Matt Cartwright, Democrat of Pennsylvania.

Today’s vote includes one and a half trillion dollars in tax cuts.

It’s still unclear if more middle-class or wealthy Americans would benefit.

It does not include the Senate’s new plan to get rid of the Affordable Care Act requirement to buy health insurance. “Look do we like the individual mandate? Of course we don’t like the individual mandate, but right now we’re just focused purely on tax reform,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan, (R) Wisconsin.

Mixing in healthcare has democrats crying foul: “I cannot image the Senate removing 13 million people from health care to provide wealth-care for a few.” Rep. Al Green/ (D) Texas

13 million – that’s what the congressional budget office predicts.

But it’s also a money saver – 338 billion the CBO says. “I’ve sat here for 40 years and I’ve watched my Democratic colleagues spend and spend and spend and spend without asking ‘Where’s the money gonna come from?’ and then they blame us!” said Senator Orrin Hatch, (R) Utah.

Step one today – a tax vote that avoids the healthcare controversy.