Doctors warning about “Holiday Heart” condition

Don't overlook medical problems while busy with holiday events


(WWLP) – Doctors are warning about a condition called “Holiday Heart.”

This time of year, hospitals see more people come in with heart problems, and statistically, there’s an increase in people dying from heart problems around the holidays.

Cardiologists credit this phenomenon to more people overindulging in alcohol and food, pushing off getting medical conditions checked until after the holidays, and additional stress this time of year.

Dr. Amir Lotfi at Baystate Medical Center advises not to overlook any health concerns, even if you’re spending time with family.

“We kind of give ourselves the window to say we can do whatever we want,” Lotfi said. “Eat whatever we want, drink whatever we want, and I’m not saying not to enjoy the holiday seasons, but do it in moderation.”

He suggested going for a walk after overindulging to get some exercise in and keep your heart healthy.