Widespread power outage affected homes and businesses in Hampshire County

The outages impacted homes from Easthampton up to Goshen

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Nearly 30,000 people lost power for several hours in Hampshire County Wednesday.

A Holyoke Gas and Electric insulator failed Wednesday morning, causing small explosion and tangling a transmission line in a tree across the street.

Eversource spokeswoman Priscilla Ress told 22News the failure in Holyoke tripped Eversource’s system, leaving homes and businesses in Hampshire County in the dark.

Massive power outage causing problems across Northampton

“I came into town and the traffic lights were not working, and I thought maybe it was just one, but then every traffic light was out,” Amy Kahn of Northampton told 22News. “It was a little disorienting.”

During the several hours the power was out, police directed traffic and some businesses temporarily closed.

Power restored in Hampshire County after outage affected nearly 30,000

Stores in Northampton were already holding sales for the holiday season Wednesday, and shopper Joanne Bauer said the outage came at a bad time for businesses.

“It’s a bigger impact, right, because they say that shop owners make most of their money in this period right between Halloween and Christmas,” Bauer told 22News. “That’s why everyone’s out shopping. This is just an incredible town for shopping of course, I’m sure it’s a big impact.”

The outages impacted homes from Easthampton up to Goshen.

Power was restored later in the morning and early in the afternoon for most of the 30,000 affected.