Don’t wait until the last minute to get your snowblower repaired

Average snow fall for November is 2.5 inches

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s that time of year, snow is almost here again. 22News spoke with a snowblower repair shop employee who said they have their hands full this time of the year.

We haven’t had significant snowfall yet, but people are trying to stay ahead of the storms.

It was light snow and melted quickly, but many Hilltowns already saw their first flakes of the season. Worthington, Peru, and Wendall are just some areas that saw light snow last week. Towns like Belchertown and Shutesbury saw some snowflakes Tuesday morning.

Connie Wiezbicki of Acres Power Equipment Company in East Longmeadow told 22News that some people wait until the last minute to check their snowblower, which could cause problems.

“The snowblower that’s in the garage are not from mechanical problems,” Wiezbicki said. “Its mice like to crawl in there and live there and chew on the wires, and they go bad and that causes a problem mechanically.”

Wiezbicki said they repair around 800 snow blowers a season. In the back of their building they still have about 200 more snow blowers that need repair. They tend to get backed up because everyone wants their snowblower fixed around the same time.

Average snow fall for November is 2.5 inches of snow, and that average increases over the next two months.

December average snowfall is 11 inches and January is 13.6 inches.