New automated ticketing machines now at Springfield’s Union Station

PVTA couldn’t say when the kiosks will be up and running

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – PVTA automated ticketing kiosks have arrived at Union Station, but you can’t buy a ticket through them just yet.

The PVTA moved into Union Station in June, and placed two automated ticketing kiosks next to the customer service center in the passenger waiting area.

Springfield’s new Union Station opening today

The machines will allow customers to purchase tickets any time of day using cash or credit cards.

Angel Colon told 22News, with fewer people carrying cash, it’ll streamline the process for paying your fare.

“People have gotten more into the habit of keeping money in their accounts, and cards I would say,” Colon told 22News. I think it will be more convenient I would say”.

Flashing notices on the kiosks said they are still being tested. PVTA couldn’t say when the kiosks will be up and running.