Local food pantries in need of turkeys for Thanksgiving

Lorraine's Kitchen and many other food pantries depend on the kindness of compassionate donors

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts food pantries are struggling to provide Thanksgiving turkeys for thousands of families in need.

Just as soon as friends of Lorraine’s Kitchen generously donate a turkey, staffers add the bird to the weekly provisions for a family in need.

Lorraine’s Kitchen Executive Director Andrea Marion told 22News, donors are stepping up, but the food pantry can always use more help.

“Individuals come in you know, two turkeys at a time, four turkeys at a time, it all helps,” said Marion. “The numbers increase exponentially this time of year for our clients and their need.”

As Lorraine’s Kitchen, volunteers add a Thanksgiving turkey to the allotment of food, clients are thankful that they’ll share in the bounty of the season.

“It’s a celebration for us to be together, have time together and be a family and enjoy each other’s company and thank all they’ve done for us,” said Elizabeth Lopez.

“I’m really happy my kids are going to be happy,” Anna Daubmann told 22News. “It will be a good thanksgiving this year. “My family are together this year and we’re all going to be together, it’ll be nice.”

Lorraine’s Kitchen and so many other community food agencies depend on the kindness of compassionate donors.

They’re hoping that in the next few days, they’ll receive enough donated turkeys to provide for every western Massachusetts family in need.