Injured owl rescued in Brimfield

Bird suffered head trauma, wing injury following incident on Route 19

Photo Courtesy: Debi Lawrence

BRIMFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – An owl is recuperating from after being struck by a car in Brimfield Tuesday night.

Officer Ryan Olszta of the Brimfield Police Department told 22News the owl is suffering from several fractures in its wings, preventing it from flying.

Debi Lawrence of Brimfield came to the barred owl’s rescue after she told 22News she saw it being struck by another driver on Route 19, not far from the center of town, at around 8:00 p.m.

She called the police, who ended up taking the owl to the Tufts Wildlife Clinic in Grafton.

Tufts University spokesperson Taraneh Pettinato released the following statement to 22News:

“The barred owl in reference was brought to Tufts Wildlife Clinic at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University the evening of Tuesday, November 14, by the Brimfield, MA, police, after being struck by a motor vehicle. The owl is showing signs of head trauma and also has a wound on its wing. Upon further examination our veterinarians discovered multiple injuries in the wing that could potentially prevent it from regaining the ability to fly. The owl is being monitored by our veterinarians. The wing is bandaged and the owl is received pain medications.”

Lawrence told 22News that she is receiving updates about the recovery of the owl, who she has nicknamed “Barney.”

Officer Olszta said they are hoping for the owl to heal within the next few months so it can be released. He told 22News if the owl is able to be released, wildlife personnel will drop it off where it was found or a comfortable place suitable for the owl’s habitat.

Officer Olszta told 22News if the owl doesn’t heal, it is more likely to be euthanized.