Close dumpster doors! Raccoons, other animals can get stuck

Animals can get in, but not out

Photo courtesy Westfield Regional Animal Shelter

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Westfield Regional Animal Shelter is reminding people who use dumpsters to close the doors after throwing out trash.

Photo courtesy Westfield Regional Animal Shelter

The reminder comes after a raccoon was discovered inside a dumpster outside an apartment complex in Westfield. According to a post on the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter’s official Facebook page, the raccoon was stuck inside the dumpster and had to be helped out of it.


Photos posted by the animal shelter show the raccoon burrowed in a corner of the dumpster.

“Raccoons and other animals can easily get into the dumpsters, but can sometimes have trouble getting out,” the post reads.

22News viewer Jessica LaPointe said she and her boyfriend also recently discovered a raccoon stuck in the dumpster of their multi-family apartment.

“I feel bad that he spent the whole evening in our dumpster,” LaPointe said. “I live in a multifamily unit and so as much as we try to keep it closed it does not always happen.”

LaPointe’s boyfriend helped the raccoon out with a ladder.

Viewer photo by Jessica LaPointe