What trees haven’t dropped their leaves yet?

There are more and more bare trees

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Leaves will continue to fall through early winter.

Most people would agree, it was a fairly lackluster fall when it came to leaf color. There are still a lot of trees with a lot of leaves, and they’ll continue to drop through early winter.

We’re seeing more and more bare trees now that we are way past peak color here in western Massachusetts. That means more leaves are on the ground. Oak trees and ornamental pear trees are still holding onto their leaves. Oak trees are usually late to drop their leaves.

The more leaves on the ground, the higher the risk of possible dead grass when it eventually snows. A heavy snow accumulation on top of heavy leaf-cover could mean dead grass come spring unless those leaves are removed.

Gary Courchesne, G&H Landscaping, told 22News, “I would encourage to get the bulk of the leaves cleaned up prior to snow fall, that is not always possible though. If we have an early snow history speaks, it will usually melt, if it does melt you can clean them up.”

There are ways you can get creative in your yard when you have leftover leaves. If you have extra leaves in your yard, you can use them to mulch your perennial gardens.

Make sure you clear away extra leaves from shrub beds because that makes a perfect home for some insects.

And not all snow will cause problems. It’s the heavy, wet snow that can damage your lawn.