Trump Jr. messaged with WikiLeaks during 2016 campaign

Trump Jr. downplayed the exchanges as he released them.

This image of Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account shows a series of direct messages he received from the Twitter account behind the WikiLeaks website, including his responses to the communications, which he posted on Monday, Nov. 13, 2017. The direct messages had been turned over to congressional committees investigating Russian intervention in the 2016 election and if there were any links to Donald Trump’s campaign. Trump Jr.’s release of the messages on Twitter came hours after The Atlantic first reported them. (Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account via AP)

(NBC News) President Trump is headed back to Washington after a 12 day trip to Asia.

The president returns to a new report from the Atlantic that Donald Trump Jr. had an ongoing correspondence with WikiLeaks during the campaign.

Donald Trump Jr. admitted to being in contact with WikiLeaks by releasing a series of direct messages, beginning in September of 2016, exchanged between him and the website on Twitter Monday, just hours after the initial report.

The messages show Trump Jr. responding three times to WikiLeaks, including one time where he agreed to “ask around” about a political action committee Wikileaks had mentioned.

The direct messages were part of thousands of documents turned over to congressional committees investigating Russian intervention during the 2016 election, according to Trump Jr.’s lawyer.

In a statement overnight, Trump Jr.’s attorney said they have “no concerns,” and Vice President Pence’s office said he knew nothing about it.

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