Sanctuary communities could lose unrestricted state funding under proposed bill

The committee is currently reviewing testimony on the bill. 

BOSTON (WWLP) –  Self designated “sanctuary cities” could soon face challenges in receiving state funding.

Under the bill, sanctuary cities and towns could lose unrestricted state funding– money that communities can use to fill holes in a budget or pay for services like parks, public safety and public works.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled that detentions for federal immigration enforcement is not permitted by state law.

But, a handful of lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that would withhold unrestricted government aid, or state funding, from “sanctuary cities” or communities that “fail to enforce the federal immigration laws.”

State Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose (D-Amherst) opposes the bill.

“The bill, one, I don’t think has any chance politically; it’s aimed at reversing the supremem judidical court decision,” Goldstein-Rose said. “It’s obviously federal law enforcement’s job to enforce federal law.”

The bill was up before the Committee on Municipalities and regional Government for a public hearing Tuesday. The committee is currently reviewing testimony on the bill.