Rare white moose who became viral sensation could be killed


(WFLA) — A rare white moose who gained fame around the world could be shot, according to reports in Swedish media.

According to Sweden’s local news, police say the rare animal, now named Ferdinand, may have to be executed because it charged at a woman who was out walking her dogs.

Arvika police chief Christer Lööf said hunters are going to try to first chase the great elk away from the residential area.

The white moose went viral this August after it was caught on camera taking a dip in a Sweden stream.

Videographer Lasse Dybdahl, who shot the video above, told WFLA News Channel 8’s Lila Gross he never had a problem approaching the moose.

Dybdahl said the rare creature was well behaved and never showed any signs of aggression while he filmed from 30 feet away.

“It has been calm in my meetings. It has gone and grazed and settled down,” Dybdahl said.

Dybdahl said he has followed the moose for 3 years, capturing spectacular images of it in Arvika, Sweden.

“It is a beautiful and majestic animal,” Dybdahl said.

The BBC said there are only about 100 white moose in the country. According to the BBC, “The moose aren’t albino, but grow white fur from a genetic mutation.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, an online petition protesting against the decision to kill the elk had more than 13,000 signatures.