PD: Man with 130 arrests found hiding in bathtub in Hartford home invasion


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Large homes lured a thief on Hartford‘s Woodside Circle Monday night.

“As soon as it got dark, a cop came down here with his lights going wahoo, wahoo wahoo,” said neighbor Charlie Brainard.

Police didn’t release which house it happened at, because the victim did not want to be identified. The woman told officers that someone broke in through a window. She went into a safe room she had at her house and then called 9-1-1.

“Officers responded with K-9, Rosco. As soon as the dog got near the broken glass and the door, it was apparent that the dog sensed that somebody was inside still,” said Hartford Police Department’s Deputy Chief Brian Foley.

Police say they found 56-year-old Leroy Mims hiding in a bathtub with a knife and stolen jewelry. It turns out this was not Mims first run in with police, not by a long shot. Officers say he’s been arrested 130 times.

“It seems like an awful lot of crime with not a lot lock up time,” said Brainard.

“There’s an issue with re-entry. People get arrested and they get put back on the streets. Resources aren’t there. It becomes less an issue of crime and more an issue of poverty,” said Foley.

Back on Woodside Circle, Brainard says this crime is a one of and says this is the best street in the city.

“It’s the best, I’m the mayor of the street, not really but I’ve been here longer than anyone else. no we love it,” said Brainard.

Mims faces home invasion, burglary and larceny charges. He’s been given a $100,000 bond.