How to save on your heating bill

If you use wood pellets its best to buy them soon


HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Most people have turned on their heat by now, but a lot of people have found alternatives to gas and oil to heat their homes.

People burn Fire wood, and wood pellets, to keep warm when temperatures drop.

Shelburne Farm & Garden told 22News that, after a few frigid nights recently, they’ve seen more customers coming in to buy alternative heating fuels.

They have a new product called “hot bricks,” which is a sort of “hybrid” wood pellet.

Devin Schmidt said they throw off more heat. “Sell the hot bricks, they are really condensed kind of like a pellet, condensed saw dust they burn longer, hotter.”

If you do use wood pellets its best to buy them soon, because they sometimes sell out, or the price goes up later in the winter when it gets much colder.